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Why C.K. Frozen?

We understand the challenges businesses encounter on the daily, especially those who specialize in the frozen food industry. As one of the pioneers in the frozen food sector, we know which measures and steps to take to provide the best customer service there is and with the affordable price we offer alongside our expertise and credentials, our customers need not worry about a single thing when letting C.K. Frozen handle their goods.

C.K. Frozen Fish & Food Co., Ltd. is a leading frozen food manufacturer which specializes in frozen fish, shrimp, fruits and vegetables among others and has also recently started providing the service of cold storage to its customers. The company is committed in the production of quality frozen food with the use of a good selection of raw materials from trusted suppliers in order to meet the standards of exported goods and to go above and beyond the customers’ expectations.


The management team and the staff at C.K. Frozen always make sure that the production procedures and the storage of goods are under procedural control which also includes the controlling of the temperature to a certain benchmark to achieve the quality desired and to preserve the freshness of the products. Hence, they meet the standards of GMP and HACCP and has been certified by the Department of Fisheries.